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CCGaDay Day 5: Most Old School CCG Owned

Taken at face-value, the most "old school" CCG is Magic. But Magic today bears little resemblance to 1993 Magic - mechanics have changed (hey, remember Interrupts, and life before the stack?), so I can't really count it as an "old-school" CCG.

So, let's check out the good ol' Wikipedia page on CCG release dates and see what I own that hasn't been modernized over the last 20 years.

1993 is the first year listed, and that's Magic. 1994 has a handful of games, but I've only played a handful of them. Trek is there, but again - modern Trek1E would be terribly unfamiliar to someone back in '94. I think I played Spellfire once (it was terrible), and I know I don't own any of it. Jyhad now goes by Vampire, and I've played a few games, but it's never been my cup of tea. (Sorry Tom). I've never bought any of it (although Tom may have stashed a deck in my closest as an infiltrator.) I own Illuminiati, but I would disqualify it on the grounds that it's a remake of the boxsed-set card game from SJ games (it was one of those "OMG everyone's doing CCGs, so we should too".) Besides, I don't think I actually have enough cards to play a game (my usual definition of "do I own X"). So, while on a technicality Illuminati: New World Order is the oldest, I'm going to keep going to find a proper CCG.

1995 is when the first big wave of games hit, and I do own a fair bit of Sim City CCG, and that certainly shows it's age. I don't want to talk to much about it here, though - I suspect we'll be returning to this little game later.