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CCGaDay Day 3: First CCG Purchased

This is pretty easy to guess. If my first game played was Trek, and my first tournament was Trek... odds are my first game purchased would be Trek. And you'd be right - 1E Premiere packs, summer of 1995. So.. see you tomorrow?

It's funny to think that it was actually tricky to find CCG cards back then. Board games and card games weren't really an established thing in the mid-90s, so you had to find places that sold them on the side. My first packs were from a sports-card collectables shop, which closed a year or two later (I think due to CCGs really eating the lunch of the old "buy cards and stick them in a binder and collect them all and then let them collect dust until Mom throws them out" model). After that comic book shops took over largely (and at least in my neighborhood, all the comic shops have turned into hybrid comic/game stores. Even if they still call themselves "comic book stores".) I was lucky enough that Wizards Comics (no relation to WotC) opened up by the university the same year I started, and became one of my main haunts for cards for many years - and is still where my meager comic book file is stored. Once I started doing the Ambassador/Product Champion bit, I ended up travelling a lot more (my town in strange that it doesn't have a single dominant game store, but a whole pile of small to mid-sized gaming outlets; around the turn of the century there were no less than 17 gaming stores in town that could handle a regular-sized tournament), but Wizards was still my go-to place for many years.

(Not entirely relevant, but this is a good place for a shout-out to my other gaming store of choice - Mission: Fun & Games. If you're ever in town, both of these stores get my hearty recommendation. I just wish I had more spare cash to spend at them!)