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What I've Been Playing: The Stanley Parable

So, my first game post-coursework was one that I'd heard a lot about (if an awfully vague amount of a lot), but never got around to playing. And now I understand why, since telling you too much about the game would completely ruin it for you. So, let's talk around it as much as we can.

First off - I do recommend you get it. I'd put it in the same bucket as Gone Home - it may not be a "proper game", but it does interesting things in an interesting way, and doesn't take too long to do it. But also like Gone Home, I'd recommend waiting for a sale. It's a touch short for full retail. (Luckily, it's been out for ages, so it's just a matter of waiting for Steam to discount it again)

The game itself is a deconstruction of a lot of gaming (and I'd also say literary) tropes. The core "mechanic" is that the game has dynamic narration (where what it says depends on what you've done). Until you reach a room with two doors, and the narrator tells you that you took the door on the left... before you've gone through either. And the question becomes - do you listen or not?

The game is pretty short as mentioned (Daughter and I grabbed the wiki because we're lazy, and it took us under four hours to chase down all the various endings. And again - without spoiling anything, most of them are completely worth tracking down.

Probably less spoiler-rific is the achievements, which extend the deconstructions. There's an achievement that is lampshaded in game (while still staying absolutely accurate). There's one that requires playing for an entire day. And one that requires *not* playing for five years (But keeping the game installed, I'm told by the webs).

This is a game made by people who were enjoying messing around with expections of what a game is, and have done it well. And for that alone, it's worth trying out.