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What I've Been Doing: Classwork!

Yeah, it's been two months.

But I have a really good reason this time. Honest!

Part of my day job's review system involves setting goals for the year, and those can include training (as in, "I will complete such-and-such course"). This is a good thing, since it makes it our job to do professional development.

Except... I signed up for something expecting 9-12 60-minute modules, and it turned out to be 30 90-120 modules. (On top of the other shorter course)

So, my schedule went from "do a course a week" to "spend most evenings and weekends on courses, since I need to average 3-4 a week for thirteen weeks to make the deadline". (Ironically, the course I was taking was "project management")

On the plus side, I finished everything with a few days to spare, and am looking forward to having "free time" again. Plans are afoot. Stay tuned.