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CCGaDay Day 28: Most memorable game

This one is another one that I didn't participate in, and it's another Regionals story. Might actually be the same Regionals as yesterday's story.

My wife played a lot more Trek than I did, and she was a solidly good player. (She was known for building diabolical mission stealing decks). For this regional, she ran a Patrol Neutral Zone deck, that had various tricks to kick the opposing player out so she could score 60 points per mission. (This was before Charvanek and the other PNZ counters). It was decently fast and brutal.

And then she gets paired against a player running the same deck. The entire spaceline is Neutral Zone missions, which means each PNZ mission is worth enough to win the game. And both players know that the other is going to try and steal a mission for the win.

Now, I'm checking out the other games, doing my judge rounds, and I come back to them about 20 minutes in... and they're still seeding dilemmas. Ten minutes later (half an hour into a one-hour game) they're just finally finishing. (It might actually have been longer).

And they're having an absolute blast, because the seed phase has turned into this massive poker game, as they try to bluff each other as to which missions are getting the good dilemmas and which are getting the easy ones.

The game itself ran two turns, I think. (I don't even remember who won; just that the player who went first chose poorly and got stopped by a wall. The second player chose better and solved.) But it was considered a real nail-biter by all parties involved.