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CCGaDay Day 21: Favorite Licensed CCG

This is a weird one for CCGs, since it's hard to find a non-licensed game (as opposed to RPGs, where a lot of the core game systems - D&D, GURPS, Fate, to name three off the cuff - are unlicensed, and the licensed stuff tends to hover around the fringes (either using another game's system, or having their own cheap knockoff).

So, to make this interesting, let's rank my top 5 licensed CCGs, using the metric of "how much space they take in my closet".

1. Star Trek CCG - most of it is First Edition, but I do still have a bit of Second Edition from the launch. (I've never been one to throw out perfectly good CCG cards!). The core collection is in a series of binders, and then overflows into boxes of various shapes and sizes. Easily the game I own the most of.

2. Lord of the Rings CCG - now, this is technically my wife's collection (she was the local contact for those events while I handed Trek. It's a family business, don'tcha know). Another row of binders, but we don't have the excess of overstock.

3. Babylon 5 - while this isn't stored at my house (thank goodness), that's a duffle-bag full of binders that our friend stores (since B5 really needs each player to be a different faction, we've had a single "gaming group" collection forever and a day.)

(Magic would slot in here, since my collection is a small box of cards from a sealed deck, and a large box of theme decks - but it's not licensed, so it don't count. Also Munchkin is up to a large box, but it's not a CCG.)

4. .hack//ENEMY - we had a binder full back in the day, but this jumps up because a year or two back we decided that that the daughter needed to know the joy of booster packs, so we bought five boxes of cards for a rainy day. (Also, Kim and I liked the game). And then she went into Pokemon. *headdesk*

5. (tie) Netrunner / SimCity / Tomb Raider - I have 800-count boxes of all of these, but no binders. A lot of these cards I bought on the cheap because I liked the game, but we were never seriously into it. (Note that I mean the original Netrunner, not the FFG relaunch.)

Everything else is in isolated boxes, and cataloging them all would take forever.