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CCGaDay Day 17: Funniest game I played

I'll be honest - I'm not a big fan of "funny" games.

Now, that's different from "fun" games, which is kind of a pre-requisite for the genre; if you don't enjoy playing a game, it's probably more of a sport.

And, I'd say it's different from a game that is "humorous". Munchkin has plenty of funny cards in the game, but it's still a proper game.

What bugs me are party games that try a bit too hard to BE FUN instead of being.. entertaining is probably the word I'm going for.

But for today, I'm going to pick a game that's unintentionally funny because it's really kinda terrible.

I present to you, Ani-Mayhem CCG.

This came out before Japanese animation was popular (or really well known at all) in North America, and so the rights must have been cheap to get back then. The first set had cards from four different series, and the second used five more! (The third expansion only added one more series, but that's probably because Dragonball Z was a big thing by then).

The gameplay is another "build a board with cards, solve things while dodging bad things" style game (I apparently have a soft spot for the CCGs that tried to be board games). And it was designed to scale well - each player had a line of locations, and adding players just extended that line.

It was a neat little game, except that the proofing was absolutely terrible, and terrible in a way that just makes you laugh and cringe at the same time. Lemme illustrate:

Here's a card from the game:

Now, try not to cringe at the terrible design, and just focus on the text and icons. These are meant to be played in one of two modes (depending on which side is up): This particular example can give you either +2 Attack, or +2 Charm. Now, for some reason, in addition to the game text, they also decided to use icons - Attack is the little fireball shape, Charm is the lips. Repetitious, but whatevs.

Now, here's another card:

The text here says you have the choice of +3 Defense or -3 Charm... but the icons are still the fireball and the lips?

Yep, they put the wrong icon on the card. (The actual defense icon is a shield). So there's an errata file, saying "it's supposed to be Defense".

Which would be fine, but they screwed up a lot, and they fixed it inconsistently (sometimes the icon was right, sometimes the text). And conventional wisdom is that the errata file is actually longer than the rulebook itself!

So, what you have is a game that is interesting but completely unplayable, and in (at least to me) a completely hilarious way.