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CCGaDay Day 13: Most memorable loss

I've lost more than my share of games, but one does stick out, so let's tell a story.

Once upon a time, tournament directors weren't allowed to play in events they ran. Which meant that as the local TD, I sat around. A *lot*. (We'll come back to this point tomorrow).

One year during Regionals season (back when they still handed out trips and thus it was a big deal), Decipher oddly named me as the TD for the area event, but scheduled it in Calgary (three hours away), where the other Ambassador lived. A few curious emails were exchanged, and Decipher essentially shrugged and said "you guys figure it out".

OK. No problem - one of us can run the event, and that lets the other play. Except.. since *he's* also usually the "sit around" TD, neither of us are really prepared to play in a high-level event. So, we begin this polite dance of "oh, it's OK - I'll run it" type emails, and eventually settle on playing a game *before* the event, winner competes, loser runs the event.

Of course, neither of us actually really want to win (but also don't want to just throw the game), so the hour ends up being a match between my Death Star 9 deck (which only wins by blowing up passing Borg Ships with a heavily-upgraded DS9), and his "possibly the slowest Klingon Armada ever" deck. Of course, his armada can't seal the deal because DS9 has been upgraded, and I can't safely trip my Borg Ship dilemmas to win (because he'll either kill *me* on route, or kill them for the points before I get there), so we both start trying to solve missions. There is no sight funnier than watching an entire Klingon armada creep along the spaceline attempting missions. (Although I imagine a Bajoran Interceptor attempting a mission under the watchful eye of 50+ WEAPONS is a close second.)

Eventually (and if I remember correctly, very close to time), he finished off missions to win, which meant I ran the event, while he got the "victory" of playing that deck in the Regional (and losing quite badly, if memory serves).