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CCGaDay Day 12: Old CCG I still play

There's no way to dodge this one - the old game I still play is Star Trek CCG - now called First Edition, but I was playing long before that upstart Second Edition got going. (Snark certainly intended).

It's been a pretty stubborn game, especially considering that it's never had a Sixth Edition style rules rewrite to fix some of the first-wave CCG issues. If anything, it's become the game that just embraces it's issues and rolls with it. A game that's survived the death of the company that originally created it is impressive in itself. And I've been involved with it the whole way - player, TD, "product champion" (man, that's a stupid title even today), and playtester/rules committee member in the Decipher era, and in the CC era I've added Rules Guru and now assistant designer to the portfolio.

I think what's kept me with 1E Trek all these years is that there hasn't been another CCG that has as much strategic depth - where you can gain advantage or disadvantage during the setup of the game itself. Being able to plan the start of your game in significant detail (and also have to deal with your opponents strategic plan) is a feature that no other CCG has replicated. And that's what will keep me with the game for quite some time to come.