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CCGaDay Day 8: Favorite card

Well, favorite is kinda tricky. There's lots of cards I like, but which one is my "favorite" changes on a day to day basis depending on my mood, what I'm working on. But generally, I go for cards that are a bit quirky, rather than crazy powerful.

I suspect that generally I would go for Parallax Arguers, since I've made a lot of neat decks abusing that card. But this one always makes me giggle when I see it:

I'm pretty sure it's getting reflected glory from the rest of the Unglued sets. I loved the Magic Un- sets, because it marks the moment that WotC accepted that not everyone was a Super Hardcore Diehard player, but that some of us just liked to play and were willing to play slightly sillier games. But the card itself is just humorous on so many levels. (And as a rules geek the built-in "errata" gives me happy bonus chuckles).